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Providing chiropractic services and extended specialities to the community and people of Northern Canterbury and surrounding regions.

Chiropractic; returning function and balance to your nervous and musculoskeletal system.

ACC Accredited Practitioner

Safe and Gentle Natural Health Care options!

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COVID - 19

We are now in Level 2 Covid 19 Restrictions, chiropractors are open for business, however please observe these conditions.

1. Please ensure you are wearing a mask when visiting the clinic, except in the circumstances whereby you have an exemption not to wear one. If you have any concerns around this please do not hesitate to talk them through with us.
2. Please phone to advise if you are feeling unwell in advance - so appropriate advice can be provided.
3. If you have been in a location of interest or been in close contact please advise us before visiting.

Thank you for your support and we continue to look forward to supporting you through this time.

I can offer telehealth appointments or a phone call for extra support. Nga mihi nui koutou